Cross-listing an advanced level language courses may be supported by the HOS and DD and submitted for CC approval, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The course proposal must be supported by the Language Coordinator, and for cross-listing in the Literature major by the HOS for Literature, whose decision will be based on ensuring (a) approximate general parity of content, method and approach (along with whatever translation component is felt pedagogically necessary) across different advanced level courses in languages other than English, (b) a sufficiently literary orientation to content, method and approach.
  2. Only one such course may be approved per language (and if differences in content and approach are to be submitted for support and approval, they will be treated as fresh applications within a single, generic placeholder approval from the CC: one per language at any given time in the curriculum).
  3. Any Literature major student can seek endorsement for no more than one such advanced language course cross-listed towards the Literature major.


M: modern (5 MC required)

PM: premodern (5 MC required)

W: Western (5 MC required)

NW: Non-Western (5MC required)

CC: Crosscultural (students can complete 10 MCs in courses designated as crosscultural to satisfy the “Western” and “non-Western” parts of the cultural tradition requirement.)

TC: Theory and Cultural Criticism (note: the Proseminar is a separate requirement on its own, but if a student takes two, the second one can be used to satisfy the Theory requirement as well.)


2017-2018 (projected)

Semester one:


Carissa Foo: “Writing Love: The Love Letter in Literature” (M, W)

Rajeev Patke, “Postcolonial Literatures-An Introduction” (M, NW)



Jeannette Ickovics, “The Human Condition: Psychology and Health in Literature” (M)

Mira Seo: “Love in Antiquity: Eros in Translation” (PM, W)

Geoffrey Baker: “Literary Activism: Text, Aesthetics, and Politics” (M, W, TC)

Jane Nardin: “English Women Novelists I: Austen and her Predecessors” (M, W)


Geoff Baker: YHU 4102 “Senior Capstone Writing Seminar”

Scott Cook, “The Historiography of Sima Qian” (PM, NW)

Tony Day, “Cultures at War in Cold War Southeast Asia” (M, NW)


Semester two:


Scott Cook: “Classical Chinese” (PM, NW)

Mira Seo: “Introduction to Roman Literary Cultures” (PM, W)


Mira Seo: “Ancient Humor” (PM, W)

Gretchen Head: “Trauma, Loss, Exile, and the Literary Imagination” (NW)

Nienke Boer: “Equiano’s Slave Narrative: Texts and Contexts” (NW)

Jane Nardin: “English Women Novelists II: The Brontës to George Eliot” (M, W)

Rajeev Patke, “Postcolonial Literatures Today” (M, NW)


Nienke Boer: “Oceanic Frameworks: Shifting Currents in Literary Studies” (TC)

Andrew Hui: “Proseminar in Literary Studies” (TC)



Semester one:


Rajeev Patke: YHU 2249 “Poetry, Painting, and Photography” (TC)

Mira Seo: YHU 2256 “Literary Genres: Ancient Epic and Gangster Film” (PM, NW)




Geoffrey Baker: YHU 3210 “Proseminar in Literary Studies” (TC)

Gretchen Head and Meredith Morse: YHU 3235 “Dangerous Ideas: The Graphic Novel and Social Critique” (M)

Petrus Liu: YHU 3237 “Cold War Aesthetics in East Asia” (TC)

Heidi Stalla: YHU 3243 “Virginia Woolf, Historiography, and the Scene of the Modern” (HI, M, W)

Nozomi Naoi: YHU 3232 “The Female Images in Japanese Art and Literature” (M, NW)


Petrus Liu: YHU 4102 “Senior Capstone Writing Seminar”

special seminar:

Pericles Lewis: “Modern Poetry: Yeats, Eliot, Auden” (M, W)

Semester two:LantingXu


Scott Cook: “Classical Chinese” (PM, NW)


Andrew Hui and Gavin Flood: YHU 3259 “World Religious Poetry” (CC, PM)

Nienke Boer: YHU 3247 “The Afropolitans: Contemporary African Literature and Film” (TC, NW, M)

Gretchen Head: YHU 3260 “Heretics and Deviants: Writing, Rebellion, and Islam” (NW)

Mira Seo: YHU 3248 “Food and Ethics in Roman Literature” (PM, W)

Petrus Liu: YHU 3210B “Proseminar in Literary Studies” (TC)


Scott Cook: YHU 4218 “Chinese Poetry” (PM, NW)

Geoffrey Baker: YHU 4217 “Novel Evidence: 19th-Century British Fiction and the Law” (M, W)





Semester one:

Geoffrey Baker: YHU3210A “Proseminar in Literary Studies” (TC)

Shaoling Ma: YHU 2232 “Global Science Fiction” (CC)

Gretchen Head: YH2233 “World Literature and Its Discontents” (CC)

Andrew Hui: YHU 2230 “Dante and the European Middle Ages” (PM, W)

Scott Cook: “Tales of the Strange” (PM, NW)


forbiddenplanetbackgroundSemester two:

Petrus Liu: YHU 2239 “Queer Theory” (TC)

Steven Green: YHU 3222 “Ovid the Innovator” (PM, W)

Rajeev Patke: YHU 2247 “Dystopian Fiction” (M)

Scott Cook: YHU 2212 “Classical Chinese” (PM, NW)

Scott Cook: YHU 3224 “Warring States China Intellectual and Political History” (PM, NW)

Claudine Ang: YHU 3226 “Modern Vietnamese History and Literature” (M, NW)

Brigitte Peucker: YHU 2235 “Horror Films 1960-2000” (M, W)

Paul Fry: YH 2240 “Defenses of Poetry” (TC)

Andrew Hui: YHU 2243 “Shakespeare and the Shape of Life” (M, W)

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson: YID 3203 “Another World is Possible: SciFi and the Environment” (M)


 2015 August Special Seminars

Sybil W. Alexandrov: “Hispanic American Culture”

Rudiger Campe: “Franz Kafka – Novel of Institution”

Karen von Kunes: “Human Spirit in Great Contemporary Novel”

Vladimir Alexandrov: “Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina”



Semester one:

Petrus Liu: YHU 2204 “Modern Chinese Literature and Film” (M, NW)


Semester two:

Scott Cook: “Classical Chinese” (PM, NW)

Mira Seo: “Introduction to Roman Literary Cultures” (PM, W)

Tina Lu: “The Story of the Stone” (M, NW)


 2014 August Special Seminars

Giuseppe Mazzotta: “Dante’s Divine Comedy

Pericles Lewis: “Joseph Conrad”



Semester two:

Rebecca Gould and Bernard Bate: “An Anthropology of Literary Culture” (TC)