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The Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) at Yale-NUS is building a number of relationships and can help facilitate your applications. Check the list of options has CIPE has available. These universities are particularly suitable for literature students:

FAQs about Study Abroad in Literature

Thu Truong

Summer 2016: Yale Summer Session Abroad in Rome

Last summer, I had the chance to join my three fellow classmates in the YSS Abroad in Rome Program, where we were immersed in two thousand years of Roman literature, art, history, religion, and architecture while braving the fiery Mediterranean sun. We explored the manifold ways the Eternal City gave birth to ancient civilizations and learned about how it continued to shape Western cultural traditions. The city itself was our classroom, and being able to engage with the physicality of the city, funnily enough, taught me how to better appreciate literature and the deeply intertwined connection that texts share with the material world.

Benson Pang

Summer 2015: Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors

My term at the Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors 2015 was a transformative experience that renewed my love for the theatre. Theatre-making is a collaborative effort by a group that devotes itself to serving the story. Embedded within every text are latent possibilities consummated through the interpretations of imaginative players — a flash of a smirk, a shared gaze of solidarity, the twitch of a cheek. Apart from condensing a text’s cloud of possibilities into a single form, I also learnt to think and move through the minds and bodies of other people (how else would one read and act?). In playing different characters, I interrogate my own ideas of what it means to be products of different cultures and lifestyles, and I come out of the theatre feeling cleansed and slightly more aware of my own station amidst the grander scheme of life.

Christopher Tee

Summer 2014: Studying English Literature at Yale

Being exposed to some of the foundational works in English Literature (e.g. Chaucer, Spenser, Shakespeare and Donne) was such an incredibly formative experience. I found myself being drawn to The Canterbury Tales, and became interested in the relationship between text and image in the luxuriously illuminated manuscripts. Outside the classroom, my professor also arranged a trip to Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscripts Library where we learnt about early publishing, and handled books that were centuries old! My sophomore summer shaped how I engage texts now, while also giving me the opportunity to explore the East Coast!

Ritika Biswas

Summer 2015: Interviewing Icelandic authors

Last summer, I was awarded the Travel Fellowship Grant from Yale-NUS, along with fellow student Kaushik Swaminathan, to travel to Iceland and interview authors Sjon and Runar Vignisson  along with other artists, musicians, and photographers. We were exploring the artistic process and how artists are influenced by their physical environments. It was a revelatory experience as we discovered how much of an impact the surreal natural landscape of Iceland and its history had on the artists living there.

Althea Tan

Summer 2014: International Chinese Language Programme (ICLP) at the National Taiwan University

Although I decided not to study abroad for a full semester, I’ve been on two different summer study abroad programmes. Under the Tan Chin Tuan Language Scholarship, I attended the International Chinese Language Programme (ICLP) at the National Taiwan University in 2014 in order to strengthen my Chinese competencies.

Summer 2015: Yale Summer Session in Literature

In 2015, I went to Yale for the summer and took a course in British Literature of the 1960s (in hopes of figuring out whether I was genuinely interested in Chinese literature — the answer is yes, if you were wondering).