Major Requirements (Class of 2018)

In consultation with the Head of Studies, the student in Literature will develop an individualised and intellectually rigorous programme. All Literature majors are required to complete 50 Modular Credits (MC) of Literature courses, which include a capstone project worth 10 MC. The electives must include:


Pro-seminar in Literary Studies: The proseminar in literary studies will have a different topic every time it is offered, and will focus on a methodological problem that is of interest to a broad range of students. The proseminar is required for both the major and the minor in Literature, but is not a prerequisite to any course in literature. Students outside the major may also take it as an elective. It is recommended that Literature majors take the proseminar in their junior years. A student may take the proseminar twice and have the second course count as an elective that fulfils the “theory and cultural criticism” requirement.


Distributional requirements

Each course offered in the Literature major will fulfil one or more distributional requirements. Before graduation, the Literature major is required to complete the following:

  • Historical Distribution: Students are required to complete 5 MC in the modern period, and at least 5 MC in the pre-modern period.
  • Cultural Traditions: Students are required to complete at least 5 MC in Western literature, and 5 MC in non-Western literature. Alternatively, a student can fulfil this requirement by completing 10 MC in courses that are designated as ‘cross-cultural’ studies.
  • Theory and Cultural Criticism: Students are required to complete 5 MC in a seminar specifically devoted to the study of theoretical paradigms, schools, or methodologies in literary and cultural studies.

Courses may be identified in the Registry list as fulfilling more than one distributional requirement. In all such cases, a student taking the course can decide, in consultation with the Head of Studies (HoS), the specific distributional requirement that the course will fulfil in her or his transcript: that is, a course may be cross-listed for more than one distributional category, but it can account in an academic transcript for only one of such distributional categories.